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Business Babes’ Revealed Secrets

Created for Fempreneurs,
by Fempreneurs


We share with you inspirational stories of Fempreneurs and their life's battles, strength and humility


As they say, 'Great minds think alike'. We gather like-minded Female Entrepreneurs and Business Babes to rally support for one another.


Grow your business and self, through our signature courses; so you can be the best you can ever be for your business.

Create a Difference

Fempreneurs go through their lives and business daily, overcoming so many challenges, difficulties and discrimination. This is a safe haven, where Fempreneurs canĀ create a difference for other Fempreneurs — through their Fempreneur Secrets.

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We reveal secrets that only business babes understand

Only women can relate to other women; as such, only Fempreneurs can relate to Fempreneurs. Fempreneur Secrets will reveal secrets that only we understand.

  • 10+ Reasons Why Women Make Great Leaders

    Recently, I attended a conference on women empowerment in business. I gained a hefty amount of insights that I cannot trade for another experience. Booking a flight and accommodation to Kuala Lumpur with only 5 days lead time isn&#...

  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Exercise Brain Dump

    When I first started my entrepreneurial journey, I never knew such a term as “Brain Dump” existed. For years, I didn’t know why I was constantly overwhelmed. My brain feels a sudden pressure and sometimes my head ...