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The Fempreneur

Why I want to help you grow your brand

Elevate Brands

With Love

Hey there, I’m Noruyo Huda.

Most days you can find me helping brands elevate their business through compelling stories, spending time with my lovely husband and searching random stuff on Pinterest (who doesn’t?).

I am mostly known as a multi-passionate Fempreneur: I spent half a decade as a corporate photographer (and still doing that), ran an online handmade stationery store, and a tutor in just about any academic subject for children ages 8 to 14.

I’m also teaching adults on social media marketing, help them overcome their fear of plunging into business, and educate them to build successful brands online (and offline too!)

People often refer to me as The Brandstory Specialist. I truly help brands like yours stand out amidst the crowd and help you generate more revenue at the same time.









The Brandstory Specialist

The things I am most passionate about in life are helping brands grow (especially those owned by women), and giving an opportunity for women to educate themselves at the comfort of their own homes or working spaces.

As a Brandstory Specialist, I’ve had a helping role in helping my clients be featured on local newspapers and see their business revenue multiply by at least 2 times.











The Future is Education

I love serving the world through education. I believe that every single human being on this planet, regardless of age, status, boundaries, etc.. deserve an equal opportunity to learn. I’m glad that the Internet has blurred the lines of discrimination and allow more people access to education, so long as they’re connected to the internet.

And for those who aren’t, there’s plenty of support around the world that ensures even the most basic form of education is experienced by almost everyone.

My hope is to see more women and children across the globe have access to education so they can break that “wheel of poverty”.


I work with women entrepreneurs who struggle with their business revenue. I believe that more often than not, you’re facing this problem because you don’t have the right strategies implemented or a weak Brandstory.

I am lucky to teach them and give them tools to take their brand to the next level, providing them with enough resources to live a life that they’ve always dreamed of.